more clay previews

Some cats I just finished putting together. After they’re fired they’ll be black with colored stripes, little white eyes and I’ll probably paint the noses a fun color.


I threw “El Muerto” here together this morning.

White slip on black clay.

He’ll look pretty much the same after he’s fired – the dark areas will turn black and I’ll paint in some little white teeth.

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos.

22 Responses to “more clay previews”

  1. Angelo Alberico Says:

    But seriously… where are the tails? They aren’t cats if they don’t have tails!

    El Muerto rules!

  2. denise Says:

    Six black clay cats.

    Say that 5 times fast.

  3. Lindsay Marie Says:

    Me gusta los gatos.

  4. Woody Says:

    Where can I buy these lovelies?!

  5. Judy Says:

    Your cats look like they might be made of gingerbread. That could cause some severe tooth damage.

  6. nathan118 Says:

    Was it hard making them stand up? That seems like it would have been hard.

  7. p a u l y w a l l y Says:

    A little difficult – once the clay dried out a bit I drug the bottom of the feet across some sand paper I placed on the table. I was able to get them standing fairly level and stable.

  8. Padfoot240 Says:

    El Muerto is awesome!

  9. owl eng Says:

    Cool cats!! they have timeless aesthetic!!

  10. Marion Says:

    They are cute! Like them.

  11. ellis.illus Says:

    the cats are just nice, but el muerto is perfect … thanks for sharing!

  12. yoon see Says:

    So beautiful! I really admire your work.
    I also do clay artwork occasionally!

  13. Alexandre Esgaio Says:

    Your cats are wonderfull….i wonder how diferent they will be after the fire??? El muerto is fantastic.

  14. deta conesa Says:


  15. Susan Says:

    What handsome creatures, and very sturdy-looking. They would be nice 6 feet tall also.

  16. dion Says:

    clay work is very nice

  17. gina Says:

    the texture, geee.. it’s awesome :P

  18. Juan Carlos Federico Says:

    I love your art and line work!

  19. sheree Says:

    really lovely pieces!

  20. Patrick Says:

    Gorgeous, amazing work. Love the textures. makes me want to hold them in mine own hands.

  21. lil kim Says:

    ooh they’re so cool! Do you sell them? I love el muerto.

  22. d ramondo Says:

    cats,boxes,dead things..
    now i am inspired.

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